Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Hugs and Smooches

     One of the thrills of being a parent is watching your child learn new things everyday. I have to admit that this is the best perk of being a stay at home mom. You get to see every little discovery and every single milestone. I have not missed anything. There have even been things that I have seen that do not seem like a big deal but I can tell they are a big deal to Xavier and therefore are a big deal to me as well.
   One thing that Xavier learned early was how to kiss. We have been over joyed since the moment we found out I was pregnant with the thought of having him, so the second he was born he has been nothing but smothered with kisses from my husband and I, not to mention the rest of our family and friends. I started playing a game with him that was "eyes, nose, mouth, SMOOCH!". I'm sure you can guess what I did. I would simply touch each part and then kiss him on the mouth. He liked it so much that by nose his little mouth would open for "smooch".
    When Xavier discovered his tongue he loved "smooch" even more. He not only would open his mouth but also stick out his tongue to lick you as well. It then, got to the point we did not even have to do the other parts, you could just say "smooch" and Xavier would open his mouth and stick out his tongue to anyone who wanted a sloppy baby kiss. ( who doesn't?) He learned this at about 3 months.
    Now, at five months he now added his own twist to "smooch". He does not even wait until you say "smooch". When he wants to kiss you he grasps your face between his two little hands and pulls himself to you and opens his mouth, sticks out his tongue and gives you a big "smooch". It warmed my heart the first time he did it to me. Since he has been smothered with kisses since he has been born, it is now payback for him to smother us with kisses instead.
    What I think is my favorite, is he has also learned how to hug. He does not do it as often, but each one gets tighter and longer. When you are holding him he will just throw his entire body against you and throw his arms around your neck and squeeze you tight and rest his little head against your shoulder. It really makes you feel good to know that one of the first things your child learns is how to so freely give love to not only myself but to other people as well. It is a shame that people lose that free spirit as they get older. I definitely think people's days would be much brighter if they got more hugs and "smooches".

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