Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Flap, Flap, Flap Away

                                                 Xavier swaying in his jumperoo

     Just when I think things are quiet and I am not sure what I am going to write about next. My son, Xavier gives me new material. That is what it is like living in a house full of people who like to entertain. We are always performing for each other.
     Just after turning five months old Xavier now gets very excited about things. Everything excites him. Which is adorable to watch and it really makes you appreciate life a little more seeing how excited a baby gets seeing the silliest of things. He gets very overcome with emotion and does not know what to do with himself. He ends up shaking and flapping his arms as if he is going to fly away with excitement at any second. He pretty much looks as if he is getting ready to take off somewhere and sometimes I think if he could he would.
    One of the things that bring on this enormous amount of excitement is his jumperoo. It is this contraption that hangs in the doorway and he stands in it. Since he cannot stand yet on his own. He loves it! He loves to stand but cannot on his own so this jumperoo is something he loves. He does not do it for very long, after about 15 minutes he gets tired, but he thoroughly enjoys every second he is in it. The other day he was laying on the floor playing and I grabbed the jumperoo and started hanging it in the doorway and he shrieked and laughed in excitement and shook and flapped himself so hard he could barely keep his head up. Then, when I grabbed him and put him in it his little arms and feet were flapping like crazy. It took quite a long time to try to get all his limbs where they belong.
    It is made so that baby can stand and jump in it. However, Xavier really likes just standing, swaying and swinging and he gets extremely excited if our black lab, Vito walks by him. He will shriek with excitement and shake and flap at the dog.
    Today, Xavier was in the jumperoo and all was quiet in the house, until the UPS guy came and rang our doorbell. Vito ran through the doorway past Xavier. Xavier, shook, shrieked and flapped himself so hard he ended up jumping in the air by accident. The look on his face when his feet were off the ground was priceless. He was very startled. I was surprised he did not cry but I think he had no idea what had happened. In fact he was trying to bounce again after that, but he was not able to figure out the jumping on his own yet.
   It was definitely a sight to see and added a lot of amusement to our day. However,  I am very glad my little man will be keeping his feet on the ground for a little while longer.



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