Friday, August 24, 2012

The Ick Factor

Many new parents affectionately think of raising a new baby as a baby boot camp. You don't sleep, barely eat, barely shower or have much else to do besides, feed, entertain, try to get baby to sleep, and of course clean up the many baby messes. I pride myself on being a tough, country girl. For the most part anyway. I am by no means a girly girl. We have always had pets, so I do pick up cat and dog poop and puke (though I hate the puke aspect especially). I am not afraid of mud or bugs. I have even been know to kill a spider (or even worse leave it alone so it'll get the other bugs). So when I thought about having a baby I was prepared for the dirty diapers and spit up. I was not worried. I figured I could handle it. While getting needed items for the baby before he was born a friend gave us many items to help with "blowouts". Nick and I were very perplexed? "What is a blowout?" We wondered. I should have been worried when the only response was, "just wait, you'll find out". Needless to say that now that I have a five month old, blowout is in our almost daily vocabulary. We have a "blowout procedure" and also a "degree of blowout" that it is. There are tons and tons of information on baby poop. It is in the books, magazines and at the doctor's office. It is the forefront of information needed. How often does baby poop? What kinds of poop does he have? What color is his poop? Does his poop smell? We found out the hard way how to take care of the poop. Everyone told us their favorite brand of diapers. There were many varieties. We figured "Who cares? it is poop? what does it matter which diaper it goes in?". So we went and tried and tried many. Finally after several big blow outs we found the brand that works for us. We happen to be in the Pampers family specially Pampers Swaddlers. I thought they would be too expensive but we get tons of coupons and can buy them everywhere so we get them on sale with a coupon all the time. Plus, we have decided we are not skimping when it comes to poop. What I found to be the funniest with new parents, is not whether or not they use my brand of choice but that each parent has their favorite brand that they will not compromise with it. If I have extra Pampers coupons, others will not take them if it is not the brand they usually buy. I affectionately nod my head in agreement. The new parent has many icks. Before baby, my biggest baby icks were small, one was a very large poopy diaper that stayed in the diaper and the other was when my nephew spit up on me and I thought the smell was the worst ever! However, now, in five months. I have been pooped on, peed on, and puked on during a regular basis. In fact puke does not necessary make me and baby even change our clothes. (He is still only on breastmilk, we may change our mind on that when he starts eating solids). Gone are the days when I would never leave the house without a shower and makeup on. Now are the days when, I smell my shirt and say "'s just Food Lion who cares what I look like". Off I go. I do try to shower on a regular basis, but our laundry pile has definitely expanded with the Ick Factor in our house. There are many times when blowouts happen, I have a son so I am regularly peed on a lot, and I'm thinking spit up just goes with the territory. There are days when I get one or the other and some days when I get all three even multiple times. I have been two at the same time. Yet, I do not blink, I make a funny face at my son and off we go to the changing station. It comes with the territory. I now know that I and my husband can handle anything that comes at us be it by bottom or top parts, human or animal!

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