Thursday, August 16, 2012

Sleeping Through The Night?

Xavier when we first brought him home from the hospital. I noticed then how beautiful a baby sleeping is.

     When you have your first baby there are a lot of different things you are asked. Things such as how he is eating, how I am doing with everything, how much he weighs. There is one question you are constantly asked from the moment the baby comes out..."Is the baby sleeping through the night?" Pretty much every time I am asked something it is "Is he sleeping through the night?".
    I find this an odd question. Even more odd do I find how popular this question is. I guess I find it odd because I never assumed my baby would sleep through the night. When I was pregnant we got a lot of different advice but the one consistent advice that we got was "get as much sleep as you can now". This led me to believe I will not really ever sleep again (at least for like 18 years). I wrote off ever really trying to sleep again, especially during baby years. So I find it very odd that people ask me all the time if he is sleeping through the night. Do you actually think babies sleep through the night? If they do, what do you actually call "sleeping through the night"? Is it from the second you put baby to sleep until you wake up when it's through the night? Or is it through majority of the night with an early morning? Or if baby rustles and you feed him and he is still asleep does that count?  What about when baby is older and mainly makes it through the night but gets frightened from monsters or thunderstorms? Is that sleeping through the night? I do not mind people asking but I am not sure what to say. My answer would be "yes" and "no". So if you have every asked me if Xavier sleeps through the night, here is the detailed description.
      I put Xavier to bed at 8pm almost every night. This is a godsend and a curse all at once. I love that he has a bedtime, he has since he was a month old. However, if you ever want him to stay up a little later, for what ever reason, it does not work. He insists on sleeping and by 8:15pm he is miserable. He then tends to sleep until around 11pm or midnight when he starts making noises in his sleep. It is usually when I go to bed so I feed and change him so that hopefully he will not wake up again until morning. However, he usually feeds still asleep so he goes right back to sleep when I am done. Then, most nights he will sleep until 6:30am or 7:00am. Once in a while he wakes up at 3 or 4 am, but that is slowly going away. I consider his 6 or 7 hours "sleeping through the night". However, it is not long enough for me. I am not a morning person so if he could make it until 9am I would be so much happier. However, I have friends with kids that never seem to get up that late so I realize these are high hopes.
     I am willing to put up with the great perks of having a baby and the downers of having a baby. A downer being that he gets up at 7am everyday! No sleeping in ever! The perk is that he is always extremely happy in the morning! So if I have to drag my feet out of bed early in the morning at least it is to look at an adorable smiling baby looking at me. That must be why babies are so happy in the morning because they know we need some motivation to get out of bed.

    There are many things that you get asked when you are a new mom.

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