Thursday, August 30, 2012

Costume Change!

        If you happened to have read my article The Ick Factor, then you will realize that after many icks we still continue to dress Xavier. I'm sure you are wondering why? When baby is just going to have blowouts, drool and spit up on them, why on earth give yourself more laundry? Well, there are actually quite a few reasons. First, babies do get cold, second, I want him to get used to wearing clothes so that when we do go out in public he is not uncomfortable in clothes and want to take them off. Third, it catches some of the drool, poop, pee and spit up. Last, they are adorably cute and people give you lots of baby clothes.
    Xavier is lucky (not sure he will always see it this way). He has two very creative, outgoing and playful parents. We had noticed if we must change his clothes multiple times a day we might as well have fun with it. I mean why not? So we started putting together different costumes from his clothing. (Note, my theater degree is finally coming into play here).
    The first costume we have come up with is his biker outfit! Really? How cute is that? Of course playing costumes means you must make time for photos. Then, we realized that this costume was too good to waste so we went to Babies R Us for some supplies and yes, took Xavier in biker costume with us. I only wished Nick and I also had biker outfits to wear with him so we could go as biker family, in Suzuki car. Do not worry I'm sure we will come up with more fun costumes as time goes on!

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