Thursday, July 26, 2012

Taking the Pain Away

    It has been a very busy couple of days. Yesterday, my son, Xavier turned four months old. I cannot believe how fast the time goes. Someone once told me when I was pregnant that when you have a child the days go by slowly but the months and years fly by. They were certainly right, there are rough days where I literally count the hours until his bedtime because we are just both cranky and then there are times when I just want time to stop and stay for a while so that we can never miss anything.
      One of those things I never want to miss is comforting my son. As a "present" for being four months old, babies have to get their second round of vaccinations. He did good with the first round when he was two months old, but this time was different.  He got them done in the afternoon and he was just sleepy the rest of the day. I gave him some Tylenol drops to help. However, last night at midnight it happened. He morphed into the miserable baby. My husband and I handle him in shifts. I handle any wake ups from midnight to 5am and my husband handles him from 5am to 9am. Usually he wakes at 6am so hubby gets the early shift. I usually only get up with him at midnight (he goes to bed at 8pm but usually doesn't get up until midnight) for a feeding and then at about 4 am for a feeding when I pump as well ( I breastfeed). However, last night, I got up at midnight, 1am, 2am, 3am and 4am. He was just grumpy and sore and running a fever. All day today he had a bad fever, some light swelling at the shot sites. Nothing out of the ordinary. I was not worried about him, as it was perfectly normal.
         What I thought was so amazing was you could see he knew something was wrong, he knew he felt bad. He openly leaned on me, he would cling to my shoulder, hug me more then before and still smiled and cooed when I attempted to cheer him up. It is one of those amazing moments as a parent when you realize that not only does a little living being depend on you, but you are his choice to depend on. There is no one else he rather be with then his mommy or daddy, that he knows he can get through anything as long as he has his mommy and daddy by his side. I was a very proud parent to know that he trusts and loves us to know he will be alright. It really is a joy to be a parent and it's moments like these that help get you through the crazy ones.

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