Monday, July 16, 2012

A Story of Us

                 My husband, Nick, and three week old son, Xavier and I on our first Easter together as a new family!    
     It is the natural life progression, to move forward, to follow others, to do what others in your family have done. In my family the next step was have a child. I did the proper order, school, college, marriage, job, and now baby!
     My husband and I had been together for over six years and married for over six months. We were both secure and happy in our jobs, had a house, had two dogs and two cats and one lizard and now we had decided to try for a baby. I had come to a conclusion. Something was missing. We needed more. I took a look at many of my friends and family's lives. Not to compare, but merely to assess where we were and in what different directions we could take.
      We had three options from what I could tell, we could become the "jet setting couple" you know them, that couple that is married and in love and travel constantly to distant lands. You probably facebook stalk all their vacation pictures. They have impromptu parties and buy great gifts. The second option is the "sport couple" no doubt you have seen this couple trying out the latest diet trend, or work out trend. They are usually found signing up for marathons. They are on sports teams and some even follow their favorite professional team. The third, last, and option we chose was the "children couple". They have decided to expand their family to include children. They are usually exhausted and frazzled. They hardly ever take vacations, or hang out with friends much and usually they arrive late to all events.
       However, what I saw in the "children couple" was what I wanted. It was fulfillment. Not that the other couples are not fulfilled but the look of fulfillment that "children couples" have is the look that I wanted to have. I promptly informed my husband that I was ready to try for a child. He had been ready since we started dating, he is older than I and has wanted a child his whole life but agreed to wait until I was ready.    
       Two months later I was pregnant and we were ecstatic. I had a miserable pregnancy with bouts of morning sickness, fatigue, nausea and aches and pains. We both ended up getting laid off from our jobs. My husband took a job in a new company and we decided since my career path was obsolete in this economy I would stay home with our baby. It was not my first choice but I was willing to try it. I am very active and like to try new things so I was ready to dive head first into being a stay at home mom. Throughout my pregnancy I had ideas of the quintessential 1950s housewife. I would look nice and shower, clean, cook, craft, shop, be great at raising our child. Pinterest was a favorite while pregnant I would pin and dream of all the great cooking, crafting and organizing I would do. Three days past my due date I gave birth to a beautiful baby boy! He was a surprise as we did not know the sex of our child, and we did think it was a girl. We named him Xavier Nicholas. Thus, our adventure begins!

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