Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Ideas for Baby Wipe Containers

  I am a huge fan of Pinterest. If you have not tried it out yet you should. I actually did the unelectronic version of pinning before this was invented. I love magazines and I would rip out pages of crafts, decorations, or recipes I liked and keep them in a folder. It was hard to always look through the folder though as it was pages and pages to go through. However, I am frequently on pinterest pinning things and I try to go through and do things as much as I can. I actually usually remember them in my head and when I get a chance I go and do one. Recipes are my weakness as I love to cook! However, I try to throw in crafts and such as well when I can.
 Here is the url for the pin

    One of the things when having a baby that I never thought of is that everything for baby takes batteries. Tons and tons of batteries are needed. We finally decided to stock up on as many as we could. I found this great pin on pinterest of what to do with extra baby wipe containers. For only having a four month old we have a bunch of these already. I had actually saved them, thinking I may use them for something. We normally try to buy the wipe refills but sometimes you get the tub anyway. Glad I saved them as these are some great ideas! What I used today was the battery holder! It worked out wonderful. Granted, I am not as good at beautifying the wipe holder as they are in the pinterest link, but it serves it's purpose and we are pleased that they are not sticking in a drawer that is hard to open anymore. Check out this great link and let me know which ones you found to be the most helpful!

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