Friday, July 20, 2012

Easy Lemon Bars

  We are off to go visit some family that live out of town this weekend. I love cooking for lots of people so I offered to make dinner, which will consist of my famous meatballs and pasta. However, I figured I had to make some sort of dessert that is light and also easy and cheap for me to make. A great opportunity to check out my dessert board on Pinterest! I had pinned quite a few recipes of Lemon bars so I decided I would try one. The one I picked had two ingredients! Here is the recipe!

Easy Lemon Bars
- 1 box of Angel food cake mix
- 2 cans of lemon pie filling ( total of 42oz).

Mix dry cake mix and pie filling together in a large bowl. I just did it by hand. Pour into 9 x 13" baking pan. Bake 350 degree for 25-30 minutes. The sides will brown. Cool on a wire rack and sprinkle with powdered sugar.

I thought these tasted great especially for how easy they are to make. They will definitely be a repeat in our house and they are great if you have to make a lot as well. I especially like that they have a cake like texture but a rich lemon taste. I store them in the fridge because I like the taste of them cold. They make a great summer treat!

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